Here's The Scoop
B-Bay is a unique opportunity for you to get BIG savings on goods and services
right here in the Lakes Area.  
When you check out our list of bargains, you will notice that the B-Bay price is usually about a
30-40% discount or more from the retail price.  

When you find the item you want to purchase - call us and reserve it.  
There are
a few things that cannot be reserved on B-Bay, but most of them can!
Now - you don't HAVE to reserve it, but it doesn't hurt.  
We'll hold your reservation till 4:30pm the next business day.   

Then just come to our office during B-Bay business hours Weekdays 8:30a-4:30p
to buy your certificates,
or arrange to have them sent to you by mail!

Remember that your reservation is NOT A GUARANTEED PURCHASE.  
You may wish to confirm your reservation
before you make the trip in to pick up your certificates.  
You can contact us at 218-828-1244.  

Your kindness in using your certificates within 30 days would be very much appreciated.
Remember  - B-Bay certificates are non-refundable.

Our office is located  at 13225 Dogwood Drive South in the Baxter Industrial Park,
just south of College Road.