Welcome to the

B-On-Line Contests

You get to choose your prize
from the following list:

Play the "Don't call us, we'll
call you!" version of
Headlines or Hogwash.
Every once in a while instead of asking listeners to call live on the air for Headlines or
Hogwash, we will be calling you.  We will do this later in the AM and record our contest to
play back another day.  All you need to do is tell me that you want to play, give me your
name and a phone number, and let me know when would be a good time to call you.  
And, yes, you can do this in addition to registering for another B-On-Line prize!  Just
send me an
e-mail with "HH" in the subject line.

Here is the current list of "B-On-Line" prizes:

Prize A:  Batteries Plus
A $15 gift certificate at Batteries Plus in Brainerd

Prize B:  No Prize B at this time...

Prize C:   Black Bear Lodge
($20 Gift Certificate)

Prize D:  S&W Bait and Tackle 371 N
($10 certificate)

Prize E:  Prairie Bay ($10 Certificate)

Prize F:  Old Trapper Jerky


1.  Enter by e-mail

2.  Choose one prize.  
Enter the name of that prize in the
subject line.
(example:  Prize A; Prize B etc.)

3.  In the body of the e-mail, include your name,
address and phone number.  
(additional comments are always welcome.)

4.  Dan Goshey will notify the prize winners by e-mail each week.

5.  If you win, you may pick up your prize in person at B93.3
during normal Business Office Hours.  
Some prizes require you
PHOTO ID and sign a release.

6.  You can enter once per contest week,
and can
win one time per calendar month.

7.  Only one entry per e-mail address.

That's all there is to it.  
to send your e-mail
or just mail to

Prizes for week of  04/17/17 have been awarded.

If you didn't win this week, try again for the next drawing.

Enter right now for the drawing during the week of 04/

(If you win a prize in April  please wait until May to enter again)